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Data Storage and Backup
You can buy anything but not data.
The only thing you can control is how you react. The same goes for your IT department. When you've got a reliable and state-of the-art storage software (Like HP StorageWorks or Veritas) and disaster tolerant solution, there's no problem if the weather, system glitches or human error disrupt your infrastructure.
The normal flow of your business continues, and your data is safe. We customize the solution to your data availability, replication, automation, and management requirements -- and bottom line.
Extend the value and reach of your computing environment to achieve greater business continuity.
PROSYS provides comprehensive solutions to meet your critical Data Storage and Automatic Backup Technologies including scheduled Backup and Data Storage Solutions using state-of-the-art Hardware and Softwares for your critical data using
Tape Drives
Array Systems
Network Attached Storage (NAS)
Storage Area Networks (SAN)
Backup Software
PROSYS offers these Storage solutions in collaboration with the following IT majors :
Symantec Veritas
Web and Corporate Email Hosting
PROSYS Enterprise Email - is a corporate emailing solution designed for companies who would wish to utilize their valuable time and resources on some other better biz application development and research opportunities, rather then maintaining and supporting their own internal e-mail infrastructure. This sort of maintenance and support can quickly raise the costs, and viruses, software and hardware problems, which can keep your business away from some crucial and very important information for hours.
We Suggest… "You Manage Your Business, and We will Manage your Emailing Solution..."
Thus, Outsource your Emailing Solutions to PROSYS at a cost, which is phenomenally competitive.
PROSYS Enterprise Email is a robust emailing system that will handle all your heavy interoffice emails, over a secured network & will protect your sensitive communications.
All your emails will be scanned for viruses and spam at our server level
This will not only save on your cost of printing & mailing regular information to your network of people, but also protect your company from the fastest growing number of Virus threats and gives you a Spam Free emailing service.
Provides your Network of people with a unique email id.
Reliability - Email Solution with 99.99% uptime since 4 years.
Unlimited Bandwidth and Unlimited Data Transfer.
No hardware, No software requirements for installation.
Dedicated and Updated Anti Viruses and Anti Spam filters.
Spacious Mail Box size - 200MB or above.
Attachments - Large size attachments -up to 10 MB.
Address book - Import addresses from other mail accounts.
Filters - Message filters based on pre-defined words.
Preferences - Facility for better email management.
SSL encrypted POP3, SMTP and HTTP access, compatible with your Email Client like Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook.
Mobile access - Access your mail, while on move, using GPRS.
Newsletter - Bulk targeted Emails, to all users within your domain.
Secured - Ensures safe and quick delivery of crucial information.
Welcome Page - Customizable User welcome page over the web.
Admin Control Panel - To Manage & Monitor Users & Mail Boxes.
MIS Reports - Access to detailed user wise reports in real time using MIS Interface.
Antivirus and Antispam
The pervasiveness of malicious threats has created the need to protect all layers of the network - wherever information flows. These malicious threats have evolved; viruses are no longer the only menace. Organisations must contend with network worms, spyware and other insidious pests.
IT infrastructure consulting
Today, there is a need to secure the enterprise for various entry points of these malwares like the gateway, server, mails, desktop, network layer etc. The virus propagates using these entry points & can bring the whole network down leading to huge financial / man-hour losses.
PROSYS is a Trend Micro Silver Partner
PROSYS offers comprehensive solutions to protect your networks, servers, PCs and handhelds at
Gateway Level
Work Group / Server Level
Desktop Level
Email Server
File / Domain / Database Servers
Handheld Devices
Call us for
Security Audit
Free 30 day Antivirus / Antispam Software Trial
Outbreak Preventtion
PROSYS offers these Antivirus solutions in collaboration with the following IT majors :
Trend Micro
IP Telephony and Video-conferencing
PROSYS offers these solutions in collaboration with the following IT majors :
Internet Leased Lines and Data Center Co-location
PROSYS offers these solutions in collaboration with the following IT majors :
Bharti Airtel Enterprise Services
Tata Indicom
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Channel World Premier 100 Award
Microsoft Gold Certification Award - June 2009.
Microsoft - Consistent Performance Breath Award - May 2010
D-Link - Empower Value System Integrator Award
APC - Performance Par Excellence Award - 2005
D-Link - Knights Award - Feb 2010
Cisco - Select Certification - April 2010
Fortinet - Certification Award - May 2010
Trend Micro - Affinity Plus Partner - Feb 2010
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